Eligibility Criteria : Bachelor of Arts Part - I


•   A  candidate  who  has  passed +   2 examination   from   any   recognised Board/University in India the equivalence of which is recognised by Panjab University is eligible for admission to the 1st year of BA degree  course  if  she  has  obtained  33% marks in the aggregate of the qualifying examination.

•   Candidates   who   have   passed + 2 examination  from  the  recognised  Open Schools  are  eligible  for  admission  to B.A.1st year course only if their result is shown as "Pass" in their certificate issued by the  said  Open  Schools  and  they  have obtained the equisite percentage of marks prescribed   under   the   University Regulations for admission to the concerned course. In case their result has not been shown as "Pass" in the relevant column of the said certificate, they being ineligible will not be admitted.

•   Candidates from the Boards which are not recognised by Panjab University will not be allowed admission.

•   The programme of study consists of 24 credits (8 credits per year). Each credit has a value of 100 marks. A subject studied for the whole year carries two credits. All the theory papers and practicals irrespective of their credit value are studied throughout the academic year.

Subject Combinations:
Every  student  is  required  to  study  two compulsory  subjects  and  three  elective subjects.

Compulsory Subjects

English (one paper) --1 Credit, Punjabi / History and Culture of Punjab (onepaper)-- 1 Credit
*Environment and Road Safely Education (Compulsory Subject to be cleared in one of the three years of Under Graduate Study)-(70 Marks)
Elective Subjects:

A  student  is  required  to  select  any  three elective subjects of  2 credits each, selecting not more than one subject from any of the
following sets of combinations:
a)  English / Hindi / Punjabi
b)  Physical Education / Psychology
c)  Home Science / Public Administration
d)  Economics / Fine Arts / Political Science
e)  Sociology / Computer Science
f)  History/Music (Instrumental)/ Functional English

•  Students cannot opt for more than two practical subjects. •  In case of subjects having practicals, the theory papers and practicals together will be of 2 credits value. The candidate will have to pass in theory and practical(s) separately.

Compulsory study of Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab

The following students can opt for History and Culture of Punjab:
I)  Those who are not domicile of Punjab and have not studied Punjabi language upto Class 10th.
ii)  Students  originally  from  Punjab  but  not domicile of the state and have not studied Punjabi language upto class 10th.
iii) Wards of Defence personnel and Central Gover nment   employees   who   are transferable on All India basis.
iv) Foreign Students.

•   A student may with the permission of the Principal and the consent of the lecturer concerned change the subjects in BA I upto
31st July, on the prescribed form obtainable from the office on payment.
•   Lectures attended in the subject given up will not be counted towards the subject to be taken up.
•   A student is not allowed change of subjects in BA II and III. She is required to study the same subjects, which she had offered in BA I.
Hence a student should select the subject combination very carefully.
Student who has passed any of the following is eligible to join BA II/III:
a)  BA I/II from Panjab University
b)  BA  I/  II  from  any  other  University  with same subjects/ scheme of course prescribed or  will  have  to  pass  deficient  subjects.
Eligibility is required to be confirmed from the Panjab University, Chandigarh.
c)Every student is required to study the same subjects in BA II & III classes as she had studied in BA I and II examinations. Change of subjects is not allowed. The students have the option of taking up Honours in an elective subject they had studied in BA I when they take admission to BA II
BA Honours
A  student  can  offer  Honours  in  English/ Economics/  Sociology/Psychology  provided, she has
a)  Studied the subject as an elective subject in BA I and has secured at least 50% marks in it.
b)  Compartment students are not allowed to take up Honours.
Note:  A  Candidate  who  fails  to  qualify  the Environment  Education  paper  shall  not  be eligible for the award of degree.