M.Sc. (IT) Part - I

Eligibility for MSc(IT)
A  student  with  50%  marks  in  BCA/BTech  in Computer Science / BE in Computer from any University recognized by PU is eligible to join MSc  (IT)  Candidate  with  Compartment  is not eligible.
The admission to MSc (IT ) will be on the basis of Merit. Reservation as per UT Admin./PU/ Govt. of India rules.
Course Scheme
1st Semester
MS-39 : Computer Graphics
MS-40 : Software Engineering
MS-41 : Analysis and Design of Algorithm
MS-42 : Operating Syatem Concepts
MS-43 : Minor Project Based on MS-39
MS-44 : Minor Project Based on MS-41 (Using C/C++)
2nd Semester
MS-45 : Advance Java and Network Programming
MS-08 : Electronic Commerce and Tools
MS-47 : Artificial Technologies and LISP
MS-46 : Emerging Trends in Computering
MS-27 : Seminar
MS-48 : Minor Project Based on MS-08 and MS-45
MS-49 Minor Project Based on MS-47
3rd Semester
MS-51 : Software Testing and Management
MS-32 .Net Framework and C#
MS-50 Linux System Administration
MS-14 Systems Approach to Management and Optimization Techniques
MS-18 Seminar
MS-33  Minor  Project  Based  MS-32 
MS-52 : Minor Project Based MS-50
4th Semester
MS-21 Major Project
The project period will be of 6 months duration. The  Project  will  involve  development  of application/  system  software  in  industrial / commercial I scientific environment.