Code of Conduct


In order to facilitate efficient and smooth functioning of the college, it is imperative to maintain proper discipline and decorum in compliance with the following rules and regulations:

  • Students must be regular and punctual in their classes. They must not congregate in the corridors, or speak loudly near the classrooms and office block.
  • Students are required to enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner.
  • It is misdemeanor to interfere with any apparatus or enter any lab/room other than directed.
  • Any student involved in any immoral/anti-social act is liable to be expelled without any warning/notice and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever.
  • Students found guilty of sitting on/tampering with the teacher’s cars/scooters will be heavily fined. Day scholars are not allowed to go to the Hostel.
  • Students shall observe all safety precautions. The institution is not responsible for any accident in College/playground/on the way.
  • Any change in postal address or change in telephone numbers must be informed in writing, as this is vital in case of emergencies.
  • Students are not permitted to possess any obscene reading/viewing material. Breach of this will be viewed very seriously.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against those who are found guilty of causing damage to college property.
  • Students shall conduct themselves properly towards all members of the staff and towards their fellow students. Insubordination, unbecoming language or improper conduct such as teasing etc., shall be severely dealt with. Students should not indulge in misconduct at the time of examinations or during the time of elections to the student bodies. 
  • Right of admission and entry to college campus reserved.
  • Students are advised not to carry expensive articles and large amount of cash to college. College authorities will not be responsible for any loss of the same.
  • It is mandatory for the students to have bank accounts for the provision of any scholarship, stipends etc.
  • Students must read the notice boards to be informed about day-to-day instructions. Ignorance of orders duly displayed on the notice boards shall not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance.
  • Students should behave in a manner which reflects well on them personality and the college
  • A student who is guilty of misconduct shall not be eligible for  a prize, scholarship, fee concession, membership of the student council or any other important body of the college.
  • Serious notice will be taken of the students found sitting in the canteen or loitering outside while their classes are going on.
  • The principal shall be the final authority to determine whether an act of any college student falls within the category of subversion, misbehaviour, and misdemeanour. In case she is convinced, she can impose deterrent fines, expel or even rusticate a student without calling for any explanation.  Her decision shall be the final and binding.
  • Prospectus is a guide book and must be in possession of every student, ignorance of rules and regulations will make student liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the college.
  •  Harassing juniors, ill treatment to other fellow students or any such form of ragging is objectionable and liable to be treated as criminal offence by the law enforcing agencies as per the directives of Honourable Supreme Court of India.
  •  Misbehaviour towards other students, use of threat or violence against members of the staff or fellow students will be considered as very serious cases of misconduct.
  • Students should make use of the dustbins placed on the campus. A serious note will be taken of the students found littering the College campus.
  • Use of mobile phone in teaching area is strictly prohibited. The mobile phone will be confiscated and a fine of Rs 2000 will be imposed if the student is found using it in no mobile zone.
  • Parking of cars by the students inside the college premises is not allowed.



All the UGC guidelines from time to time have to be followed by the faculty of the college.



In fulfilment of their obligations to the teaching profession, teachers will strive


  • Advance the interests of the teaching profession through responsible ethical practices.
  • Regard themselves as learners and engage in continual professional development.
  • Be truthful when making statement about their qualifications and competencies,
  • Contribute to the development and promotion of sound educational policy,
  • Contribute to the development of an open and reflective professional culture.
  • Treat colleagues and associates with respect, working with them in a very congenial Environment.
  • Respect confidential information on colleagues unless
  • Speak out if the behaviour of a colleague is seriously in breach of this code.



  • Teachers should handle the subjects assigned by the Head of the Department.
  • Teachers should complete the syllabus in time. Teachers shall produce good results in their respective subject.
  • The subjects handled by them and are accountable for the same.
  • Tutor – Ward system must be effectively implemented. Teachers shall monitor the respective group of students who are attached to them.
  • Assignment topics for each course are to be given to the students within a week of the beginning of the semester.
  • Mid semester Tests are to be conducted in a semester. Answer books are to be valued and evaluated.
  • Marks are to be informed to the students.
  • Teachers should be good counsellors and Facilitators. They should help, guide, encourage and assist the students to ensure that the Teaching-Learning Process is effective and successful. Value based education must be their motto.
  • Teachers should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to the students.
  • Teachers should carry out other academic, co-curricular and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time.


  • Faculty should not summon parents to the Institute under any circumstances. Parents shall be invited to the campus only on the recommendation of the College Discipline Committee.


  • Students should not be denied admission into the classrooms / Labs when they report late for the classes. However, such students shall automatically lose attendance for those Classes.
  • Teachers must desist from awarding physical punishments to students indulging in misbehaviour in the classrooms. However, they can warn such students or report to the HOD/Principal for necessary action.
  • Cases of indiscipline, misbehaviour or insubordination should be dealt at HOD or Principal level as such teachers should not threaten the students in the name of marks or other punitive action for their lapses or indiscipline.


  • Staff members must take attendance within first 5 minutes of starting the period.
  • Latecomers should not be denied admission into the classes for being late. However, such students need not be given attendance.
  • Teachers are advised to refrain from awarding punishments like: Dismissal from the class rooms, Making them stand in the class rooms, Summoning their parents to campus.
  • Trouble makers in the class rooms must be reported to the HOD/Principal / Director for further action.


Every teacher must maintain a course diary for each subject offered during semester/year.

It shall have following details:

  • Syllabus
  • Lecture Plan
  • Lecture notes for each period
  • Date and time of preparation
  • Date and time of delivery


  • As per the rules of the institute staff members must adjust their classes and show the consent of the substitute teacher to the HOD before going on leave.


  HOD is responsible for conducting all academic programmes of the Department as per the norms of affiliating University. In pursuance of above objective he/she is required:

  • To formulate Time – Tables to provide adequate contact hours to complete the Syllabus well in time while providing ample time for conducting personality development programmes and sports.
  • To train and update the faculty to deliver good instruction to the students.
  • To ensure proper evaluation of student’s performance and take remedial action to Improve the performance of slow learners.
  • To maintain harmonious relations between students and faculty while ensuring discipline and ethical behaviour of students.


  • Any unexpected breakdowns of Lab Machines / Equipments must be reported immediately to the teaching staff in-charge of the particular Lab.
  • Damages caused to the Lab Equipment by students due to mishandling must be reported to the concerned staff member for further action.
  • The responsibility of Lab Assistant is to identify the requirement of Lab consumables etc. preferably before the beginning of the semester and give the same in writing to Lab –In-charge.
  • All maintenance works must be carried out & recorded as per the schedules given by the Lab-In-Charge, without affecting the regular Lab class work.
  • Issue register for tools issued to the students must be maintained for each and every lab.
  • Ensure all procurements are recorded properly in stock registers and maintain separatevregisters for consumables and non-consumables.
  • To ensure the availability & proper maintenance of “first aid facilities & fire fighting equipments".
  • Avoid other activities during Lab hours unless assigned by the senior Management.
  • Adjust Lab work to a technician, who is familiar with that Lab, in case of your absence.
  • Ensure that the Machine is in proper working condition & then allow the students to do the Job.


  • The staff should follow the instructions from the higher authorities.
  • They should carry out the assigned work with complete zeal.
  • They should be regular and punctual.
  • They should maintain professional ethics in the campus and should maintain proper behaviour in the authorities and students.
  • The staff working in laboratories should keep proper maintenance and cleanliness.