Criterion 3


Metric Parameter Link
3.1.1 Grants received from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects / endowments in the institution during the last five years View Link
3.2.1 Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations, Indian Knowledge System (IKS),including awareness about IPR, establishment of IPR cell, Incubation centre and other initiatives for the creation and transfer of knowledge/technology and the outcomes of the same are evident View Link
3.2.2 Number of workshops/seminars/conferences including programs on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship during the last five years View Link
3.3.1 Link to the uploaded papers, the first page/full paper(with author and affiliation details)on the institutional website View Link
3.3.1 Link to re-directing to journal source-cite website in case of digital journals View Link
3.3.1 Links to the papers published in journals listed in UGC CARE list or View Link
3.3.2 List of chapter/book along with the links redirecting to the source website View Link
3.3.2 Copy of the Cover page, content page and first page of the publication indicating ISBN number and year of publication for books/chapters View Link
3.4.1 Outcomes of Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing the students to social issues for their holistic development during the last five years View Link
3.4.2 Awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government / government recognised bodies  View Link
3.4.3 Photographs and any other supporting document of relevance should have proper captions and dates. View Link
3.4.3 Detailed report for each extension and outreach program to be made available, with specific mention of number of students participated and the details of the collaborating agency View Link
3.5.1 Summary of the functional MoUs/linkage/collaboration indicating start date, end date, nature of collaboration etc. View Link
3.5.1 List of year wise activities and exchange should be provided View Link
3.5.1 List and Copies of documents indicating the functional MoUs/linkage/collaborations activity-wise and year-wise View Link