President's Message

Dear Students,

Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, established in 1973, is a premier institute of Sikh Educational Society (SES). With 75 years of glorious history, the SES is steadfastly committed towards imparting quality education in the region. Educational institutions bear a great responsibility to the world as education is one of the vital factors instrumental in preparing intellectual and emotional faculties of an individual. Keeping in mind the changing scenario of the world, it becomes imperative to enhance, improve and transform education to the needs of the time. We constantly seek to strengthen Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, through supporting the College’s most essential requirements, equip its faculty, update facilities and sustain endowments. The learning environment of the campus fosters confidence, leadership and inspires them to challenge their limits and strengthens their academic success. Our mission of educating young women is driven by a powerful conviction that women can and should make a difference to the world at large. I welcome you all on joining this campus and assure that Guru Gobind Singh College for Women will uphold its distinct mission long into the future.


S Gurdev Singh,

IAS (Retd) President,

Sikh Educational Society