Maintenance Policy

The College has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The support facilities /infrastructure provided needs proper maintenance for uninterrupted and smooth functioning, so a need for constant policy making is required. Timely up gradation, replenishment, repair and replacement of resources is a continuous process.

Standardized maintenance and utilization procedures for resources are followed.

Advisory committee in consultation with Principal, IQAC and Management allots sufficient funds for the upkeep of the infrastructure

Day to day maintenance and care is taken by the administrative and technical staff in consultation with the Head of the Departments. The care taker and support staff having technical and mechanical skills also help in the daily maintenance of the facilities.

The college has established committees for maintenance of infrastructure

  1. Advisory committee
  2. Building committee
  3. Horticulture Committee
  4. Cleanliness Committee
  5. Hostel Committee
  6. IQAC Cell
  7. Purchase committee
  8. Environment society
  9. Canteen committee
  10. Library committee
  11. Sports committee
  12. Security and safety committee

The following procedure is followed systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

  • The upkeep of the labs and servicing of equipment is carried out on regular basis. Internal stock verification is done annually. Proper stock registers are maintained for labs with bills attached and the stock of consumable and non-consumable items are also maintained.
  • The librarian in consultation with the library committee purchases and procures books. There is an organized system for checking out and return of books and regular maintenance that includes checking the books for damage and replenishment of the library stock. Write off of the obsolete and damaged books is also done from time to time.
  • The computers have been installed with Quick Heal Antivirus for the safety.
  • Security committee monitors and maintains the CCTV cameras throughout the campus.
  • Permanent ground men maintain the vast sports grounds. Special staff is assigned for the maintenance of the gymnasium.
  • The Hostel is under the supervision of chief warden who along with the support staff looks after the daily maintenance of the Mess, Common Room and other infrastructure. Instructions are displayed for the proper use of infrastructure facilities
  • The Purchase Committee takes review of the facilities and services from each department and prioritizes the need for up gradation in consultation with IQAC and the relevant committee.
  • Permanent electrician is appointed for the repairs and daily upkeep of the electrical equipment, generators, fittings and wiring periodically.
  • The campus landscape is maintained aesthetically by the Horticulture committee and gardeners appointed on permanent basis.
  • The water purifiers are serviced, fire extinguishers are refilled and coolers and underground water tank in the Hostel are cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Classrooms and washrooms are cleaned and maintained daily by the sweepers.
  • Plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and painters provide their services on need basis.