To foster an on going relationship between the old students and their alma mater, the Alumni Association strives hard to establish a mutually meaningful connectivity between the two. Through participation in all important College events, providing suggestions/ feedback, and by attending the reunion get-together, the old students promote feeling of fraternity among themselves and carryforward the positive image of the College in the country and abroad.



    Ms Geeta Bhukkal


Former Minister, Govt of Haryana 'Being an alumnus of the College, it gives me great satisfaction that the College is progressing in all its endeavours towards the overall development and personality of girl students. I will always cherish my College days here for which I will always remain indebted to this prestigious institution. The education I obtained in this institution helped me immensely in building confidence to face the challenges of life and achieve success.








Capt Urmila Yadav

Commander Pilot Air India (Alumnus 1977-81)

"There lies a huge difference between teaching and mentoring. I was actually mentored by my teachers...certainly had a huge role to play in removing my initial hesitation and inhibitions, which are major hindrances in the path of self-discovery. When provided with a concrete platform to take off from, I never looked back as I excelled..."




Mandeep Kaur

Investigator (Alumnus 1985-87)

New Zealand Police (Counties Manukau District)

"The years between 7 985-1987 when I joined Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Chandigarh, were the best of my academic life and where I completed part one of my Bachelor of Arts Degree...the personal touch I experienced from the lecturers at GGSCW was something special that I would not have experienced elsewhere."






Dr Gurdeep Kaur Randhawa

Assistant Director, Sports Punjabi University, Patiala Alumnus 1990-93

"Sikh Educational Society has contributed a lot to the educational needs of the region in different ways. I credit all my achievements to the efforts made by the staff of this College...who always guided me and worked hard to bring out the best of every individual. The College has given me a lot, whatever I am today, it is due to the College and industrious Staff. ”






Dr Kavita Singh (Alumnus 1999-02)

Assistant Professor & Incharge S Sobha Singh Department of Fine Arts Punjabi University, Patiala 

“Being the alumnus of this premier institution (1999-2001) my heart is filled with a great sense of pride and gratitude for the valuable contribution of its staff and management in inculcating the universal and humanitarian values of Sikh tenets in its students...! consider myself lucky to be alumnus of this be the best not only in academic and educational spheres but prepared me mentally and spiritually to face the vagaries of life in its myriad manifestations and go out as an enlightened and responsible citizen who knows her rights and responsibilities towards the fellow citizens. “







Lt. Firoza Korrthoujam (Alumnus 2004-07)

Lieutenant, Instructor and Mentor Officer, Indian Navy Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala


“My regards to my alma mater Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Chandigarh, where I incorporated my attitude to do good with “ De Shiva bar mohe eh...” recited with fervor every Monday morning. ”


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